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"My First Prints" - Hand Print & Footprint Kit

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 Preserve magical memories for a lifetime in 30 minutes or less with the most complete and creative kit money can buy! Perfect for warming your heart the way only your little bundle of joy can!"My first prints" is an amazing craft that guaranteed an amazing experience for both mom and child!  Team up with your little one and create a masterpiece that you will admire for a lifetime!



 ✨Magic things That Your Kit Have!✨
TIME CAPSULE: Write a special letter for your bundle of joy and put it in the capsule! Imagine how magical it will be 18 years from now to open together and read your sweet words.

GLASS BOTTLE: Lock of hair from your baby's first haircut to save forever!

MOLDEBALE CLAY: Engrave the important things. It is easy to write the name, birthday, constellation, birth weight and height, blood type of the newborn, and your best wishes onto the top of the box that you can completely open.



4 Reasons Why You Will Love  "My First Prints"


👣 HOLD YOUR MEMORIES CLOSE TO YOUR HEART: Being a mom is the greatest thing in life, and reaching out and holding your new arrival’s adorable little hands and feet is a moment you will never forget. Why not relive it whenever the mood takes you?

👣 PRESERVING MEMORIES MATTERS: Your little one will be big, strong, and ready to leave home before you know it. Preserving moments from those precious early years has never mattered more.

👣 UNIQUE DECORATION FOR YOUR HOME: Nothing makes you smile like seeing the end result of your keepsake every time you walk through the door. It’s unique, special, and feels so much more real than a photograph.

👣 LIFETIME BONDING: Creating a casting with your baby and letting him or she explore their creativity is a great way to bond with the little one, and it also gives you something special to show them when they have children of their own.

  Soft, Not Sticky, Flexible

 Outstanding quality materials! Won't discolor or crack with time. The molding material is a nontoxic and odor-free and experimentally friendly formula; ensure that your baby can use it safely.

How to use it?

 The mud is easy to mold, flexible, and environmentally friendly! Our Hand & footprint kit comes with different decorations to create a unique baby keepsake!



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