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Baby Silicone - Feeding Spoon


This feeding bottle can be used for feeding baby water, milk, medicine, rice cereal, juice, puree, soup, and other liquid food.

It can be hard to wean your precious infant from bottled milk to soft solid foods. Your little bundle of joy is completely new to feeding with a spoon and that means Baby will put up a fuss.

Our Baby Bottle Squeezerhelps to comfortably bridge the transition from formula to solid foods in a safe, friendly and easy manner.

Since our bottle squeezercan function as both a bottle and spoon, your wee one will be more accepting of the changes as they grow and try new things.


✅ Excellent Use: Multi-purpose use of Baby food feeder can be used for feeding baby with water, milk, rice, juice, soup and other liquid food. The design convenient for one hand operate, help make feeding tome more easier.

✅ Easy to Operate:Ergonomic shape is easy to squeeze, down to the last bite. Simply fill the soft silicone bottle with your baby rice or puree and gently squeeze until the desired amount of food collects on to the squeezer to feed baby, convenient one hand feeding, help make feeding time more easier and less messy.


✅ Storage Milk Box: Holds enough powdered formula for three 260 ml/9oz feeds. The milk powder formula dispenser made of food-grade material silicone, there have the inner for removed, the rotating cap prevents powder spilling into another bottle.