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Sweet Nights- Relaxing Baby Lamp💤

Emitting Color

Calm down fussy babies and induce

nighttime sleepiness in a blink!

 Is your baby not able to sleep through the night?  You need Sweet Nights-  Baby Lamp!

Sweet Nights is the secret behind many parents to guarantee a good night's sleep and help their kids overcome the fear of the dark! Transform nurseries and bedrooms into a starry sanctuary that comforts and calms babies!


Don't overlook the importance of sleep in your child's health and well-being!

 Why do I need Sweet Night Baby Lamp?


  • RELAXING MOON PATTERNS: Along with providing the kids with a lighter and more fun environment to sleep, the nursery night lights also help them to relax and get a comfortable sleep.


  • OVERCOME FEAR OF THE DARK: For those kids who are afraid of the dark and want to have some assistance that can help them to get a secure and friendly environment, the nursery night lights can be a great way to get a relaxed night sleep.


  • MAKES BEDTIME EXCITING! Let their imagination run wild and let me sleep under a night full of stars!


  • CREATE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE: Tons of color options! You can choose between one or multiple colors at once


  • ROTATES at a 360-degree angle with multiple color options provides a fantastic and calm starry sky.  


Good sleep habits start from birth!  Children who do not get enoughsleep may have trouble functioning during the day.  Twinkle baby can be helpful for parents to have a very dim night light on so that they can see where they’re going in the room when responding to their baby! Night lights make it so that you don’t have to turn on all the lights in the baby’s room, making it too bright and causing a lot of disruption in baby’s sleep.!

  • Package includes - 1x Night Light, 1x USB power cord, 1x Instruction manual. It can be used with the included charger, a power bank, or even 4 regular AAA batteries.




Simple Remedy To Increase Your Babies Wants & Needs 


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