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Magical Unicorn Headphones


Unicorn Headphones are a dream come true for any little girl! Watch her smile while she opens the beautiful gift box and sees the magic that it contains! The rainbow colors and the shinning diamonds will delight any unicorn fan and put a bright smile on her face every time! 

Why Unicorn Headphones Are Truly Magical?

✨ PROTECTS YOUR KIDS HEARING: High-quality volume control to ensure your kid cant hurt their hearing.
✨ HELPS LEARNING: Built with HD quality sound that promotes efficient learning while your kid is taking online classes.
✨ MICROPHONE INCLUDED: Perfect for back to school online classes! 
✨MAKE YOUR KID FOCUS: Unicorn headphones are made with outstanding material making your kid comfortable and focus on the class rather than in discomfort. These headphones also block any noises from the outside.


The beautiful gift box also contains a magical colorful bracelet for your girl to wear!


Get your unique unicorn headphones today!