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Baby 3D Memory kit


Never Want Those Precious First Years to Fade?

Create a replica of your baby's hands are feet! 3D keepsakes are a must-have for new parents! Being able to reach out and touch your baby no matter how big and strong they grow is the gift you deserve. With our unique DIY baby keepsake kit, you can preserve magical memories for a lifetime in 30 minutes or less. Perfect for warming your heart the way only your little bundle of joy can!

*Please check the size guide below for better results.



✅ HOLD YOUR MEMORIES CLOSE TO YOUR HEART: Being a mom is the greatest thing in life, and reaching out and holding your new arrival's adorable little hands and feet is a moment you will never forget. Why not relive it whenever the mood takes you?

✅ PRESERVING MEMORIES MATTERS: Your little one will be big, strong, and ready to leave home before you know it. Preserving moments from those precious early years has never mattered more.

✅ UNIQUE DECORATION THAT WARMS YOUR HEART: Nothing makes you smile like seeing the result of your 3D casting kit every time you walk through the door. It's unique, memorable, and feels so much more real than a photograph.

 LIFETIME BONDING: Creating a casting together is a great way to bond with the little one, and it also gives you something special to show them when they have children of their own.

✅ ALWAYS SAFE FOR YOUR LITTLE ONE: Our premium formula is hypoallergenic, 100% non-toxic, and completely safe to use. Just what you'd expect from a product you can trust


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3D casting your babies' hands or feet involves using a substance called alginate, a very safe material made mainly from seaweed. It's non-toxic and safe to use on any skin type.

The alginate powder is mixed with warm water and takes about a minute to set. When casting babies, I usually find the most comfortable way to cuddle with them on your lap or take their hand/foot while they are fast asleep.


Once the alginate is set, the hand/foot is gently eased out, leaving the plaster ready for the plaster to be poured.



✔️If you want to keepsake one hand or Baby Foot". : You will require one kit.

✔️If you. want to keepsake two hands or baby feet": You will require Two kits. 

✔️If you want to keepsake two hands, and baby feet "[MOST POPULAR]: You will require four kits. 


Children 2 years and older will need three kits for one hand or 1 foot.

Female Adult: 4 kits required for one hand.

Adult male: 5 kits required for one hand.




Whether you want to hold their hands and feet in the palm of your hand, look back on how cute they were, or marvel at the fine details we're able to capture, you'll be able to do it all. Perfect for treating yourself to something extraordinary while they're still small.



Is this safe for my little one?

Absolutely! Everything we use is non-toxic, biodegradable, and skin-safe for a seaweed-based product you can trust.

What else do I get?

A mixing bowl, electronic mixer, measuring jug, stopwatch (smartphone app), thermometer (optional), and baby oil (optional).

Can I paint my casting?

Over the course of a couple of weeks, your cast will set in brilliant white color. This gives you the perfect canvas on which to get creative with your favorite set of acrylic paints.

When is the Right Time to Buy?

Today is the perfect time to treat yourself to a casting kit because your baby is growing with every passing day. You may not notice it at first, but little ones grow incredibly fast, and before you know it, the chance has gone. Do you want those memories to fade away?

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 Hurry, your baby is growing up fast!


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