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Mosquito Free - Baby Crib


The #1 Baby Crib That Every Parent Should Have 

Stop using harmful insect repellent on your baby's dedicated skin!  This  Mosquito  Baby Crib provides your baby with great natural protection against mosquitos and other pesky insects. Be ready to get the peace of mind you were looking for when enjoying a family picnic, beach day, or the fresh air at home!

US Centers for Disease Control recommends Mosquito Netting ( all general types ) as an effective way to protect against mosquito bites.

Is it really that important to protect my baby from mosquito bites?

Absolutely! According to WHO, Mosquitos are a pest that doesn't have any match! Though not all mosquitoes transmit life-threatening diseases, Mosquito Bites do kill approximately 725 000 people worldwide every year.

Your child probably won't even notice if a mosquito bites his chubby little thigh — although the itching afterward will probably bug him big-time. Some babies may experience fever vomiting and difficulty falling asleep! 


Why Do I need the Mosquito FREE - Baby Crib?

WORRY- FREEKeep your baby away from mosquito, flies, insects, and other annoying bugs, giving your baby sound sleep. 


INSTALL IN 3 SECONDS:  Our Self-expanding technology was specifically designed to allow you the ability to set up while holding your infant by simply unzipping the provided bag and the tent pops out and assembles itself in just 3 seconds


 PERFECT FOR TRAVELLING:  Super light-weighted the dark fabric is ideal for sleeping, it weighs under a pound and folds down easily making it ideal for on the go.


KEEP YOUR BABY COOL AND COMFORTABLE  A soft cotton sleeping pad will comfort even a fussy sleeper and provides a comfortable playing surface and the cooling mat helps keep your baby cool on those hot summer days


MOST COMPLETE TENT:  Mosquito free tent includes a FREE sleeping pad and a delightfully soft pillow to ensure your little angel maximum comfort!



When mosquito season comes to your area, there’s no reason to lock the doors and close the windows. 

  With Mosquito FREE baby crib there is no need for insect repellent products! This tent will be your absolute anti-bug toolkit, you can enjoy the best of good times wherever you may find yourself.

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