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Mr. Sharky - Anti-Kick Sleeping Bag


 Help your baby sleep trough the night

Give your baby a safe and comfortable sleep! This Anti-Kick sleeping bag  is made with lots of care and a sense of fun. With a 100% cotton outer and liner and a 100% polyester filling, your little one can keep warm in comfy, fun company – they can cuddle up in a shark and sleep trough the night! 

Super Convenient 

 Mr. Sharky Baby Sleeping Bag has a zipper cover to protect baby from harm and it also features a very long zipper, which creates a wide opening, making it easy to put your baby in and take your baby out again.

Multi-use: Compatible with most strollers, car seats, and joggers. The recommended age range for this item is 0-2 years old. This item is big enough to allow for young toddlers to fit- 32.6" long and 25.1" wide. 

100% cotton: keeps the warm temperature during the night and more likely to fall back to sleep if they do wake up, conducive to the healthy growth of the baby 

Extremely adorable: perfect for a photo shoot session!

"I had bought a different shark blanket from another company and when it came it was damaged and cheep so I ordered this one and I LOVE it! The fabric is so soft and well made! My 3 year old  loves this and it  fit him perfectly! - Tanya Rodriguez

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