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My Angel Sounds - Fetal Doppler



Hearing a child's heartbeat for the first time is truly one of the mostmagical moments in life. ! Enjoy the amazing experience of hearing your baby's heart sound and hiccups, even record them to share with families and friends in the future. Angel sounds is a  fetal heart monitor you are sure to love.

Just in case the opportunity to conveniently and safely listen to your baby develop isn’t compelling enough, here are:





Reduces Pregnancy Stress

From fears of miscarriage early in the pregnancy to worries about the baby’s physical development, it is normal for an expectant mom to feel some anxiety about the health of her child. Many moms find that purchasing an Angels Sound monitor allows them to “check-in” with their baby more often and gives them a greater feeling of control and peace of mind.


Safe And Simple To Use

Fetal heart monitors use ultrasound technology that sends low-power sound waves into your body. The sound waves pass through your skin and tissue and are reflected by your baby’s heart. 


Getting Your Partner Involved In Your Pregnancy

When you’re a mom-to-be, your pregnancy is always on your mind. Dads-to-be, on the other hand, may not feel quite so connected until they are actually holding your little bundle of joy in their arms.

To help your partner to feel more involved in your pregnancy, it is important to include him in important milestones such as hearing your baby’s heartbeat during your first prenatal visit, attending ultrasounds, and feeling those first kicks. For busy dads who can’t attend your prenatal appointments, a fetal heart monitor is a perfect way for them to bond with your baby at their convenience.


 Helping Siblings Adjust To The Baby

Although a new baby is an exciting and joyful event for expectant parents, the arrival of a little one can be particularly challenging for siblings-to-be. It is very common for expectant parents to feel anxious about how their children will react to a new baby and how long it will take them to adjust.

One of the ways that you can help your child to adjust and avoid problems with sibling rivalry is to give them as many opportunities as possible to see and hear the new baby. 

A Thoughtful And Memorable Gift

Giving an expectant couple the opportunity to hear the heartbeat of their unborn baby during its growth and development is a thoughtful and memorable present, indeed. As an added bonus, expectant siblings, grandparents, friends, and other relatives will get to share in the joy, too.



 Get your Angel Sounds doppler and enjoys the MAGIC of listening to your baby! Don't lose this miraculous experience 

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