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Letters Recognition - Early Educational toy

Teach Your Little One To Master Letters, Words, and Spelling With Absolute Ease! Say goodbye to teaching difficulties and your little one's learning struggles! The Letter Recognition Spelling Game keeps your little one endlessly entertained all while they learn how to read, write, spell and understand the concept of colors & numbers! Designed with colorful pictures and letters of the alphabet, it allows children to match one another, which helps to develop their sight-reading vocabulary. Encourage your child to learn the basics of reading & writing without the difficulties of having to get their attention! Help improve your child’s life skills by introducing an educational yet amusing activity to do everyday. Make learning time a fun, care-free game for your little one to enjoy on their own! Encourages Letter Recognition & Sounds - As children continue to play the game, it helps them learn letters of the alphabet, objects, words, as well as read, write and spell. Boosts Interest In Learning - Completed with colorful pictures and letters, the matching game helps accelerate language learning and keeps your child amused! Hassle-Free Teaching - Offering fast, fun, and addictive entertainment, teach your little one the basics of reading & writing without any difficulty. Screen-Free Activities - Providing a hands-on learning experience, reduce distractions from screens/electronics while maximizing fun! Safe For Children - Finished in non-toxic paint and smooth, rounded edges, the swallow-proof wood letters are harmless and safe for any child to play with.


Designed for homeschooling

For the ever-growing group of homeschooling families, parents of toddlers and preschoolers, caretakers, grandparents, and more. While the youngest children learn the basic alphabet, older ones learn to spell and read without even realizing it because they’re having so much fun. The 52 wooden letters (two sets of the alphabet), 56 words, and 28 double-sided cards offer so much focus and engagement while kids have an absolute blast arranging them.

Beautifully crafted from wood

Sometimes the most natural & basic learning tools are the best. These colorful, happy wooden pieces represent everything wonderful about a montessori style toy. Kids want to look at them, hold them, and use every component in outstanding ways.

Less screen-time, more playtime

Break time from screens. Whether it’s online school or movies, screens are a part of many children’s lives -- but this language game provides a chance to get “back to nature”. The time away from electronic devices is a great gift and may even help their eyes, brains, and sleep patterns.

Start with lowercase

Lowercase is helpful because that is how we see most written text. It prepares new readers by familiarizing their eyes with the letter shapes they’ll commonly see in books, articles, signs, and more. It’s an effective method for early alphabet learners and new readers.

wooden abc spelling game