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Tommy The Talking Hamster!

"My baby will talk for hours with Tommy! It's hilarious watching her have a conversation with him! I've never laughed so much. Super cute toy!"  Miranda Stein


Do you want to know a fun way to boost your baby talking skills? Tommy the hamster is the perfect way to encourage your baby to talk even more. While your baby is playing and learning to speak, you can continue with your household chores. This cute little toy expands your baby's knowledge and vocabulary of words. Your precious little one will surely love to interact with him! Tommy repeats the words you say in his own adorable voice!  It is not only an educational toy, but it’s also incredibly fun! There's nothing more adorable than watching your baby talk for hours with Tommy!    



5 Reasons To  Adopt Tommy Today 🐻

✅Encourage your baby to talk!: will say exactly that word what your kid or you will speak. English, Spanish, French, or any other language- with its critter voice, GAMT Talking Hamster will imitate it within the moment.

✅Hours of countless fun: This is an innovative way to keep your kid busy and out of the screens! It will be a hilarious and fun gift for your little one.

✅Tommy is the perfect best friend:  While talking, this toy moves its head up and down it will be a little lively thing to have as a companion! At this age, you may not want to give him a real pet but Tommy will be there for him every step of the way!

✅ Perfect for snuggling: Tommy is It is crafted from the softest plush materials Your little kid will enjoy the comfortable touch of it! 

✅ Adorable for baby registry or kids room:Tommy's cute face and chubby body will always make you say ‘Awwwww’!
Tommy will be ready to play with your kid in a  blink! Simple insert the 3AAA batteries and slide the ON button and let the fun begin!


Tommy not only will be a joy to your baby but also to others!  You can give this talking hamster as a present such as birthday gifts, baby shower, holidays, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other special occasions. Perfect for babies and toddlers and will definitely bring a smile to their face. Also, be used as a decorative piece in a child's nursery.

Ready to buy one of the most intelligent and talkative toys for your kid? But, with the best talking hamster toy, your kid’s enjoyment will be doubled; that’s for sure!